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Textbox buffering

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I have 2 major problems, I hope you guys could assist me on it

I'm working on a project reading data from a device


I have no clue how to create a textbox with scroller where i could look back at previous information (information read from the buffer)


i would like to clear the buffer whenever is full, i have no clue how to do it

i hope you guys could help me out on it


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A textbox scrollbar is enabled using a string indicator and RMB>VisibleItems>Scrollbar. Note that the string indicator needs to be >2 lines in height for the Scrollbar option to be accessible.

Creating buffers is most easily done using a global variable. Place a string indicator in a global and read, append and write to the global with the arrival of each new set of data. [You could also use an array of strings if you want to store the data as messages]. The efficiency of this can be upped a little bit using a preallocated string array. Note that this method runs the risk of race conditions if you write to the global from multiple locations in your program. Instead I recommend a LV2 global, as discussed below.

Creating buffers is most efficiently done using a LV2 style global variable (aka functional global, aka shift register global; for an explaination see LV2 Globals). Create the string as either an single string, an array of strings or a preallocated array of strings stored in you rshift register. Add "method" calls to add or view your data. The link above provides a simple example.

One other alternative is to use a GOOP object to store your data.

cheers, Alex.

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regarding the textbox, i would like the messages to store in it, so i could use the scrollbar to look at the previous messages

is there any way of doing that ??


my device sents out lots of information through a serial port, but my program seems to capture only a small portion of the entire data.

may i know how to overcome this problem and capture the entire problem ?

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regarding the textbox, i would like the messages to store in it, so i could use the scrollbar to look at the previous messages

I thought Alex explained it quite nicely but just to clarify I've attached a dead simple method. I think the main idea is to read the previous data and concatinate the new data to the previous data using a end-of-line between the new and old data. Of course there are other logistics issues you have to take care of yourself but the framework should work as shown.


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