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center justifying text in MC Listboxes


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I have a MC Listbox with 8 rows and two columns with the text in each cell set with center justification instead of the left justify default. I had to adjust the text for each cell to achieve this; however, this was a bit of a pain. Now I need to expand to 96 rows with a vertical scroll bar and really need to set the justification on the cells in the MC LIstbox to that they are all center justified and need to do this programatically. I did not see any propertied in the MC Listbox that would help. Any suggestions?

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You can use a property node to make the active cell in a multicolumn list box center justified. The only trick is to select all cells in a table and apply the justification to all of them. Do this by setting the selected row and column to -2. -2 is all rows or columns, -1 is the header of the row or column, and 0 is the first row or column of the table.


(Forgive my bad snippet it's my first time)

EDIT: One note is that you only need to run this once and the table will be changed, this code can then be removed and it will keep the justification you applied.

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