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  1. The problem is sometimes the compiler gets a bit too aggressive and does something that it thinks won't functionally change the code, but does. Like what if the compiler mistakenly thinks the close reference function can't be called? Well it will think that node can safely be removed and nothing will change. But if the close was actually being called in the IDE, and now it isn't in the RTE that could be a problem. The Always Copy function has been known as a band-aid because it forces the compiler in some cases to leave things alone instead of trying to optimize code. This would then
  2. I'm also a fan of SVN. For multideveloper work we use VisualSVN Server. The free version does a great job, but the paid version has domain integration among other enterprise features. I'm not sure what can be used to make a local repo. Jim had an old blog post years ago that I can't seem to find. The client side I just use the explorer integration that comes with Tortoise SVN. There are LabVIEW toolkits that add quick drop, or tools menu, and project integration, but none of them worked with our work flow enough. Here is the first package I found made by JKI that does some of this.
  3. Adding to crossrulz suggestion. If you do want simple I2C or SPI, using an Arduino is a great solution in LabVIEW. NI has their LINX toolkit, which downloads a known set of firmware to the Arduino, and then in LabVIEW you have the LINX palette which basically tells the microcontroller to execute some set of steps. These commands are just serial commands, and when plugged into USB should appear as a normal VISA device in LabVIEW. I don't have a pharlap system to test with but with other remote devices I've used they just get enumerated when they are plugged in. I personally have not us
  4. If you are just trying to replay the message you already have from a valid log you can do that and see if the ECU is happy. Was it possible that it was setting DTCs when the log was recorded? If you want to change any bit inside the payload you'll need to figure out the algorithm used. As we said it clearly isn't the standard one used for CAN. Other than just guessing a bunch of things I don't think you'll be able to get past this issue. That is again unless all you want to do is replay a already recorded log. Also here's a random thought. Are you sure that byte is a CRC at all? I
  5. I don't think so, it won't work outside of a project anyway since that conditional value is only going to be available in a project that has that value.
  6. I've seen that some cases the symbols shown are only pulled in from the target that is listed under the project. Did you happen to open this from a blank VI or a new project? Anyone can add additional symbols, and NI adds a few when you add certain targets to your project. You can view these by going to the properties of the target from the project.
  7. Yeah what Rolf said. I've seen several CAN payloads with a message counter, and CRC, and never has there been any meaningful data after the CRC. I have seen times when it is an 8 byte payload, and the 7th byte is the CRC. But in this case the 8th byte wasn't used in the CRC calculation. You can find the typical J1850 CRC calculation online here just set the Predefined to CRC8_SAE_J1850. After playing around for a little while I couldn't get the CRC byte you provided to match. If you do ever figure out the algorithm, there are a couple of options on how to do this in XNet. Obviously
  8. How about something with the File IO? Maybe copy all files and folders from one location to another and list the files that were new or overwritten? Maybe open a text file with times and values in it then graph it? Maybe import a text file into a table and color the values that are greater than some value red, and lower than some value green?
  9. So one thing that might help make it click, is that objects aren't reference based by default. So you are initializing an object, adding an axis, and then passing that data into a loop. The data that the loop uses each iteration, does not change it is the same data over and over again. However if inside that data is a reference to something, then that something can change, and the reference doesn't. But that feature is only used if the developer of the class used references in the private data of the object. The class data can be thought of as a cluster (because it is). So imagine if
  10. Here is a VI that gets the title of the window that is active. You could then continually loop until the title you expect is active, then perform operations. https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Get-Current-Active-Window/m-p/3930389#M1116926
  11. What part are you having problems with? Many VIs and controls are missing, and this is clearly school work.
  12. There are several libraries online for simulating keyboard presses and mouse interactions. https://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Code/Programmatically-Simulate-Key-Strokes-in-LabVIEW/ta-p/3521756?profile.language=en https://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Code/Using-LabVIEW-to-Simulate-Keyboard-Events/ta-p/3996210?profile.language=en https://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Code/Simulate-Mouse-Click-on-a-LabVIEW-control/ta-p/3509840?profile.language=en
  13. I think this was mentioned in the video I linked to. I was just thinking about how much work the stunt coordinator, and stunt men had training and planning for a thing that just never happened. It probably happens a lot in the film industry but as someone in the digital world I tend to keep even the work that I never actually use.
  14. It was but does give us some character development. Showing the exhaustion on his face, and surrounded by dozens of people that might attack. He kinda is like, nah I'm done I got other things to do. Also likely considered murder since it would be difficult to claim self defense.
  15. Love it. BTW here is a crosspost on the dark side.
  16. I've heard conflicting information on this one. Here is a quote from another champion: Also mentioned in this private conversation was a thunderbolt to PXI chassis from a 3rd party that I don't have experience with https://www.adlinktech.com/Products/PXI_PXIe_platform/PXIChassis/PXES-2314T?lang=en
  17. Yeah I'd suggest looking into MXI. In particular I've used the PXI chassis that has MXI integrated into it. I'm pretty sure it was the PXIe-1073. This is a 5 slot PXI chassis, that can come with a cable and PCI card included. (Be sure and get the right part number if this is what you want). With this you can plug the PCI card into a compatible desktop PC, and then it will see the PXI chassis and all the devices in it in MAX. Great for when you need to expand a PC to have a bunch more channels, or cards that are only in the PXI form factor. Oh and if you have the chassis already, NI sells
  18. Well at least every NI Week since a couple years before NXG was released up until the last one. Hackathons were a pretty open environment to give feedback. You'd have the attention of some pretty important people in the design of the UI and UX decision making process. And the IDE actually had a button in it where you could just send NI a message about something you liked or didn't like in it. Not sure if that stayed for the newest versions. I can't say what NI did or didn't do with this information but they seemed to have plenty of places for users to give feedback on.
  19. One of the key differences in the IDE with NXG is the single window view. It took some digging but I found an old LabVIEW 8 beta that had a similar design. I'm guessing they had usability issues or something as it obviously didn't end up like this. Maybe similar to the ribbon interface and how that was only really used on the Web UI builder and an alpha.
  20. Last I knew the forums had a minimum search length of 4 characters. At some point there was a warning if you searched for something with less 4 characters. I'm guessing the period is somehow ignored or reserved for some kind of special formatting.
  21. The first time you mentioned this I thought it was a nice gesture, now I think you are just desperate for friends...or an alcoholic. I'm down.
  22. Yeah deploying to a target that I don't have the option to run source on the same OS sounds like a nightmare. Where I'm from that "throwing it over the fence" which usually results in dozens of builds trying to figure troubleshoot the issue. I'll agree this is a bad situation. But I think it would be worst if NI made the same decision in 2 years. LabVIEW is dead, long live LabVIEW. (hopefully)
  23. In 2014 I had the privilege of being in on one of the early discussions around what would be NXG, before I was a Champion, and I think I was just a CLAD. They were interviewing each person one at a time with a set of questions and the last one was "What is your biggest concern with this decision by NI?" and my answer was some thing like "What are NI's plans if this fails?" Saying that this is my career they are potentially messing with, along with the negative effects internally at NI. They sorta laughed it off and said how unlikely it was but that they would do their best to go back to sup
  24. Cloneable VI: Should work just fine. NI did a pretty decent job with VIMs, and has seemed to fix a few edge cases and bugs with them in recent versions. Should work just fine. Examples: Yeah I was lazy. A few of the older examples were intended to show special features of XNodes. But VIMs don't have all those special features. So instead of re-writing examples for VIMs and putting it in the package, I just didn't include any. I should have but wanted to get it out there and I was losing motivation.
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