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XControl delay


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I'm trying to create an indicator via XControl, and I'm getting a huge rising delay between the indicator's reaction and the input. It seems to me that the XControl's events accumulate in some kind of an event queue and are handled one after another in parallel to all the other program code. So if the XControl refreshes slowly (and that is my case), the queue starts rising and so does the delay. The best solution in that case would be locking that queue size to some small value so that the indicator handles only those events it has time for.

Other solution would be to make all the other code wait for the indicator to process all it's events, but that's an extremely bad plan up to me...

I'd like to know if my surmise is correct and if it is possible to do what I've described, or by any other means remove the delay.

Thanks in advance

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The same XControl was created on two different computers. All the actions were strictly the same. One gives the delay, the other doesn't. It was tested on both computers. It's also notable that the vi files from those two XControls have different size, though seem identical when loaded. Magic. The only difference is the LabVIEW version: one is 8.5.0, the other 8.5.1.

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