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Can't get EtherCAT (9144) to recognize CAN (9853) module


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Note that this is a cross-post from the NI Discussion Forums...

I have a cRIO system which consists of a 9024 RT controller in a 4-slot chassis, and a separate, remote 9144 EtherCAT 8-slot chassis. The 9144 has the usual assortment of AI, AO, etc. modules, and it also includes a 9853 2-port CAN module. When I try to use the "Add Targets and Devices on FPGA Target", the 9853 shows up as a NI 37670, with the comment "This C Series module is not supported by the current versions of LabVIEW and NI-RIO." For reference, I'm using LV2009 SP1, and NI-RIO 3.4. Even more confusing: if I move the 9853 from the 9144 to the 4-slot (non EtherCAT) chassis, and try to add it to that chassis' FPGA target, it works without any problem. Is there some issue with CAN through EtherCAT? This thread seems to imply that it can be done, although that poster had different issues.

Any suggestions as to what I or NI might be doing wrong?

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