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LabSocket System: The Easy Way to Extend LabVIEW to the Web

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Hello all.

For those looking to easily extend their LabVIEW application to the browser (including mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone), I'm pleased to announce the LabSocket System (http://labsocket.com).

The system operates as follows. On startup, it automatically performs a screenscape of the LabVIEW front panel and posts HTML and JavaScript code representing the front panel objects to a web server. Then, it continuously synchronizes the properties of the elements in the LabVIEW front panel with the front panel representations in the browser. The WebSocket communication standard is used for bi-directional communication with the browser. A simple system overview is shown below.

A Swiss LabVIEW developer has recently used the LabSocket System to create a ski competition judging application named SportJury. The application includes five instances of a client VI which run on a central PC and are each extended by the LabSocket system to a Safari browser on an iPod touch device. This arrangement allows five judges to enter event scores on the iPods and have the data appear in the LabVIEW client code running on a PC. The LabVIEW code updates the browser displays to guide the judges through the judging process. A server program also running on the PC and written in LabVIEW, is used for score aggregation.

More information about LabSocket, including videos, a downloadable demo of the system and information about SportJury, is available at the URL above. For commercial applications, the system can also be ordered on-line at a competitive price.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions about the system.


John Bergmans

Bergmans Mechatronics LLC

LabSocket System Overview


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For the next few days, a live demo of LabSocket in action will be available at: http://labsocket.com...o/gui_demo.php. This demo shows the ability of the LabSocket system to represent a number of different GUI elements and to dynamically control the properties of these elements in the browser.

Supported browsers are listed here: http://labsocket.com...ormsandBrowsers

If you have an application for the LabSocket system, but need to use an older browser, don't worry. The system can easily be upgraded to use the Kaazing WebSocket Gateway (http://www.kaazing.com) which has an emulation mode for browsers dating back to IE6.


John Bergmans

Bergmans Mechatronics LLC

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