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Use Data Value Reference with In Place Structure instead of shift register?

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I tried the new Data Value Reference to share data between loops and it seems to work well. I ran into a problem though with my current structure with loading data into the reference from both loops. I was keeping data in a shift register and also using the Data Value Reference and the two got out of sync. Rather than try to explain all the problems there I'll ask this: Does it make sense to use the Data Value Reference with the In Place Structure instead of using a shift register?


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I don't understand the question. You have to use the DVR with the IPES. That's the only way to access the data. That's the whole point of the feature. A shift register doesn't make sense in the context of two loops, since it's obviously localized to only one of them.

If this doesn't help, I suggest you upload a simple example which shows what it is you're doing.

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