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Hi All,

I am fairly new to any kind of Web based development and am trying to teach myself how to create a webservice and thin-client using LabVIEW 2009 and the Web UI Builder appliciation. I have followed the tutorial on how to create a thin-client app that connects to an existing web service provided by NI. I also completed the tutorial on how to create a webservice in LabVIEW 2009 and access it from a web browser (the one where you add two numbers and it returns the result in html).

My question is; is there anyway I can create a webservice in LV2009 and import it into my Web UI Builder project? Anytime I try to import a webservice I made, I get a 'LabVIEW Web UI Builder cannot connect to the server" message. Is it not possible since the webservice would be hosted on my localhost and the Webbuilder app is coming from the internet? What I really want to do is be able to create a webservice and import it to play with in Web UI Builder. I have tried creating a clientaccesspolicy.xml file, but with no luck. What would be the next logical step?

Again, I am a fairly advanced LabVIEW programmer, but releatively new to web-based development. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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I did finally get it to work correctly. It had something to do with how I was addressing the web server.

Now I am trying to make an application that runs on a web server that I can 'poll' for information, but keeps running. An example would be connecting from a web browser to monitor a plant of some sort. The only thing I could figuere out was to use global variables to pass out the information. Is that my only option? I tried using queues, but the data would not pass through.



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Also, (and sorry for all of my questions), has anyone expierienced this error before? I can connect to the web server, but it cannot retrieve the description.


You should post these questions on a forum where more Web UI Builder users and developers hang out:


I strongly suspect you'll get faster, better answers there.

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