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I am developing an android application where I want to use my labview application algorithms. I just downloaded C code generator but I dont know how to use it-- when I created ".so" file using the generated .c and .h by cygwin there was no error.

But when I run it on my mobile I am getting some error.

I tried simple 'add' code/


How to generate C Code to use it in eclipse.?

Thanks for your time..!!!



MY Android code


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By just looking at your screen captures I can tell you are not passing correct data type to your dll. Of course posting source code can calp you more.

You are defining your ADD function with aDD( char a, char b, uchar *c)

but calling with aDD(int,int);

1: Char and Int are two very different data type.

2: Char would not be first choise for an ADD parameter, int or double;

3: char *, is also not a very good choice for return parameter.

Hope this helps

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Hi sam,Thanks.

There is also a C Code example project available in examples folder.

I want exactly is in the ' Exported as Lib' folder. I have also attached the snapshot of the file. But I dont know how to generate a .c file that.

Please help..!!!



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