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  1. sam

    System setup on sbRIO

    Thanks Rolf, I put 19 back on it.
  2. It's been a while I've worked on sbRIO devices. usually MAX is how you setup the sbRIO but that options seems to be gone. Am I missing something? this sbRIO had 2019 on it before I formatted the drive , now I can browse to it but options to install are no longer present. I downloaded System Configuration/setup from NIPKG manager and all *.ipk files but a bit lost on how I can put an OS on this sbRIO. Any help is appreciated. Editing to add: Some information on only LabVIEW 2019 and older can be installed the old way https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000001DthyCAC&l=en-US 2020 and newer installation is done differently. What I'm concerned is if all sbRIOs are supported with new method. I'm guessing not https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000x2jQCAQ&l=en-US end of edit.
  3. Judging only by your attached image. The Array that is being chained through your DLL calls has conversation dot (red dot) that shows you are auto typecasting. Make sure all inputs to DLLs have exact data type and length. If passed by reference or by value etc.
  4. Your best option is to close the INI reference, and reopen it again right away. The INI keys and sections are saved in some sorta queue when last I looked into it decades ago. So normal file IO functions are not going to work the ways you'd like.
  5. I had issues with 2023Q3 64/32 build , that would just crash when a build started. Turns out when deleting a file the project still had the file list (missing item) probably project file wasn't saved after removing the file , ... Once I removed the missing item from the project , in this case the missing was in the main tree not the dependency or in memory section. Anyway, maybe this would help, took me a minute to find it because in my case mass compilation also crashed LabVIEW.
  6. Does a OS setting have anything to do with it? Something like set focus to new windows etc. even though it may be disabled and not activate, the option isn't 100% disabled. Mouse events are OS wide and language independent
  7. you can use the following 1: Flatten to string will give you a binary representation. Much more smaller, faster, dare I say accurate where numbers are conserned. But not human readable, you may have to convert it to base64 if you're doing url encoding etc. 2: flatten to xml. slower, larger, human readable. take care that numbers with decimal places 3: Flatten to json. similar to xml, lesser is size, easier to read for some people 4: do your own, but I'd not recommend it..
  8. Other's have repeatedly answered your question that you need to look into ni-xnet. So let me ask you another way, what is your CAN hardware? Is it from NI or another part? Please list their model and identification so we can make sure you're using the right drivers
  9. Not in my case,. I installed LabVIEW 2021 64bit (maybe 32bit? I honestly forgot and don't have access to double check) . Didn't try the 2021 32bit or visa versa I just used the new 2021 and then moved the new created VIs to my project in 2023
  10. Adding new items: 5: Express VI code generation doesn't work. I use Daq Assistance normally to start up a new task and generate some initial code. NI seems to know the issue, but for 2022 Q3 https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q0000019gTMCAY&l=en-CA
  11. For individual characteristic such as color you are better off with what you have. But if you want to have a global setting for all plots such as point size, Show/hide, etc. you can hide the legend and create your own control. You can programmatically iterate thru all your plots and change each plots feature based on your own UI control.
  12. You can create a copy of your LabVIEW.exe in same folder and with each instance of exe all loaded libraries and classes will be excluded. I sometimes do this to quickly check a code project and I don't want to affect my already opened code and don't /can't close my work. Eg. LabVIEW.exe, LabVIEW_2.exe, LabVIEW_3.exe. note duplicate the ini files with same name pattern. (I don't know if this is known trick or not). I don't know how it affects license etc ... This is a similar exclusions as loading multiple projects on same exe but take it to process exclusion. To be honest I don't know if this will help your use case or not, maybe .... Try it and let us know 👍
  13. This last month, I installed LabVIEW 2023Q1 64bit and here are my experiences so far. My experiences has been the same on my laptop and on a PXI system so I'm confident to a degree it's not a hardware problem. 1: When creating an Override VI, the new VI has the default Untitled 1 icon. The icon from the VI of parent class is not transferred. I've reported this as bug to NI and they confirmed it, except that they are not committing to any hot fix yet. I've not tested the 2023Q1 32bit. 2:. Class Corruption. On average, I've encountered daily a failed to load class because the class definition is corrupted. I use git so reverting the .class file is an easy fix. Any new class properties or changes is obviously lost. 3: Insane VI objects, are encountered and easily recreated. Perhaps this happens to me easily mainly due to my habits of programming. I tend to drag and drop controls and indicators , or code between VIs. I've noticed that sometimes after I finish the drop the object is not shown on block diagram. This "not dropped object" will cause the entire VI to be flagged as Insane Block diagram. Problem is that I've not noticed the problem and thought maybe the drag & drop event was my fault by me letting the mouse early. Obviously all work on the VI is lost. 4: LabVIEW sudden crash. Self explanatory. LabVIEW just disappear and is offloaded. Sometimes a new LabVIEW instance will not relaunch if I open it by double clicking on last project. I'm going to switch to LabVIEW 2022Q3 or 2023Q1 32bit for now. I'd be very interested to know if anyone else has had this experience or not. Edit: Adding new items: 5: Express VI code generation doesn't work. I use Daq Assistance normally to start up a new task and generate some initial code. NI seems to know the issue, but for 2022 Q3 https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q0000019gTMCAY&l=en-CA
  14. @Gribo, The diagram you sent and diagram of the cable have the information to cross link and find the pins. 🙂
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