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How to acquire voltage AND temperature (NI-9219)

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I have a NI 9219 and I am trying to acquire voltage on ch0 and ch1 and temperature on ch2 and ch3 with a J-type thermocouple.

If I try to acquire either voltage from ch0 and ch1 only or temperature from ch2 and ch3 only then all works fine, but I cannot seem to get it to acquire voltage and temperature at the same time.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Agree with Jason, please post some code and more info.

There's no reason the the 9219 cannot do different measurements on each channel, so it's likely a configuration or code issue. I assume you have the module itself configured correctly (right-click the module in the project and do properties).

Also, please let us know if you're using cRIO, cDAQ, USB, ENET, or WLS.




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Sorry for the omission, I am attaching a vi and a print screen of the code.

I am going to use the developed code for a WLS and a cDAQ system.

The attached vi works fine if I use two different NI 9219.

As far as for the "module properties" I have no idea where to find it (using Labview v10). I tried to create a project, searched in MAX etc, and I cannot find it



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