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  1. For me personally, I started doing a lot more development with TestStand when I started my new job 2 years ago. Since I had zero TestStand experience most of my time/energy has been spent coming up to speed on TestStand so I was over at the NI forums for that. My need for advanced LabVIEW topics has been very small and my need to pose a question that has yet to be asked is even smaller. I have found that my questions have already been asked by someone else in the past so the need to create a new topic is far less than before. That does bring to mind a thought...search engines have b
  2. This week I am taking the Test Stand I and Test Stand II classes in Cary, North Carolina at G2 Technologies. I was wondering if anyone else on the forums happens to be here. If so, let's chat in Real Life (RL) Later Wire Warrior
  3. What do you mean the LabVIEW Demo doesn't work on the PCTx? Looking at the PCTx website (http://www.endurance-rc.com/software.php#labview) there is a LabVIEW project you can use to start with.
  4. VI Shots Live was great! I look forward to the next one.
  5. Has this occurence been reported to NI? They might be able to work with Avast on this. Wire Warrior
  6. Short of writing a peice of LabVIEW code to go on the PC just to serve the time via NSV or some other method you got me. Bang for you buck seems like the NTP time service is best. Development is done, ready to deploy. Hard to beat that.
  7. My wife just wants to come to NIWeek so she can go shopping in Austin.
  8. I saw on the Twitter feeds that Norm Kirchner was doing an impromptu presentation on Leap Motion at NIWeek. Did that happen? If so, can we get the code?????
  9. Yeah I noticed some light related issues at first too. I did figure that Best Buy has them on the shelf at the same price you can get them for on the website.
  10. I bought a Leap Motion last night. I am still playing with it and I am hoping to use it with LabVIEW this week. Seems like a great excuse to use LV2013!! Also if you haven't noticed Norm Kirchner is doing an impromptu Leap demo/presentation at #NIWeek.
  11. Downloading now! I can't be at NIWeek but I can download LV2013!!
  12. I wonder if that means we could build a front panel control configuration and "drop" it on the front panel of a VI?
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