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Capturing events when writing to Value(Signaling)

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I am writing an app that has a couple asynchronous Subroutines running in the background. They were originally small stand-alone routines used to control hardware. So they have some controls that when changed trigger events.

To control these from a master application, I set them running and then duplicated their controls on the new program. When those controls are changed I use events in the master VI to write the "Value (Signaling)" property of the same control on the subroutine.

On both of these subroutines, the control will change on the panel. On one of them, this also triggers the original Value Change event within the subroutine. On the other, the control updates, but the Event case is not triggered.

Can this be dependent on the typeDef of the control in question?


Crap. Nevermind. It was something else causing the subVI to stop running that was killing it.

Seriously, I looked at tthis for 15 minutes before posting, then 10 seconds after posting I figure it out. every time.

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Your experience sounds like something I read earlier this week.

The results left psychologists with something of a mystery. Why would talking about a traumatic experience have almost no effect but writing about it yield such significant benefits? From a psychological perspective, talking and writing are very different. Talking can often be somewhat unstructured, disorganized, even chaotic. In contrast, writing encourages the creation of a story line and structure that help people make sense of what has happened and work towards a solution. In short, talking can add to a sense of confusion, but writing provides a more systematic, solution-based approach.
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