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NI's product line stumps me again...

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I don't think I've ever ventured into this forum before, but after 5 years of LV desktop development I now have a cRIO project on my plate. So... after fumbling around a bit I was finally able to connect and configure the device. Now I have some FPGA code I'm trying to compile and I keep getting the error,

"The compilation tools are not installed on this machine. Run your LabVIEW FPGA installer again and select the compilation tools, or try connecting to a compile server on another machine."

I've run the FPGA Module as well as the NI-RIO installer several times, but I'm not seeing any options for compilation tools. I've scoured the documentation and online content and keep coming up empty. Can anyone tell me what I need to install to get the FPGA compiler tools?

LV2010 sp1

NI-RIO 3.6.1

cRIO 9118 Chassis

cRIO 9025 Controller

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To my knowledge (I'm not in the office to be able to check) on the LV FPGA install DVD there should be separate installers for two different versions of the Xilinx FPGA compiler. You should only need to installer the newer of these two for your specific FPGA target. I think starting with LV 2010 installing the compiler was separate from the LV FPGA module installation.


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Ahh... I had seen a reference to the Xilinx tools but I didn't realize it was required for cRIO applications. I thought it was only required if I was compiling to some third party fpga target. I downloaded 11.5 and successfully took the next baby step. :D

Thanks everyone. (Have a round of kudos... on me.)

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