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  1. Brian, You may be able to add more features to the forum editor based on comment from Invision, but that should be a larger discussion on LAVA features and security. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/443912-editor-direct-html-editing/
  2. Looking forward to it and love the new location.
  3. The discussion/poll that is referenced by the first link is located in the CLA group on NI Community. Group membership is limited to current CLAs and requires approval by the group administrator.
  4. Can you describe your application or use case a bit so that we can understand how you would use the network streams and more importantly what type of connection management (keeping track of and managing the NS endpoints/references) will be necessary. This request is coming up more often, specifically where a network steams-based N-to-1 or 1-to-N communication mechanism is needed. I'm in the process of collecting user stories/use cases to define and prototype an API for this purpose. Check out this session and examples from NIWeek 2012. It includes a prototype connection manager for TCP, UDP, and Network Streams. I'm not currently familiar with this code and am working on understanding it.
  5. To my knowledge (I'm not in the office to be able to check) on the LV FPGA install DVD there should be separate installers for two different versions of the Xilinx FPGA compiler. You should only need to installer the newer of these two for your specific FPGA target. I think starting with LV 2010 installing the compiler was separate from the LV FPGA module installation. http://www.ni.com/pdf/manuals/371572f.pdf
  6. Steen, This is a very nice set of VIs. Thank you for posting. I'm one of the developers and current owner of the CVT library, so this is of special interest to me. I really like the ability to dynamically create new registers by simply writing to them, which is a feature we've been planning on adding to CVT for some while. I also like how you handle dynamic and static names in the VI registers using two feedback nodes. I would like to borrow this idea for CVT to eliminate the need for dual dynamic and static name access VIs. With CVT we have not added a polymorphic wrapper, but of course you could eliminate the need for separate CVT VIs for each data type, as you have done. One big difference I see is the low level read-write performance. One of our main use cases for CVT is LabVIEW RT on cRIO, which is a much slower processor than most LV programmers are used to from Windows. Doing a very quick comparison between VIRegister and the static access CVT VIs I see a 10x faster access speed for CVT. This is not surprising as when we designed CVT several years ago we benchmarked all the different possible implementations on cRIO and picked the fastest one we could find. Currently the name lookup in CVT is very slow (linear search) as Mads has indicated and we plan on fixing that by using variant attributes to store the tag data and using its built in binary search.
  7. Getting ready for the next NIWeek. Somehow I forget to update my status on LAVA except for NIWeek.

  8. Paul, Start by consulting the following resources on ni.com and then contact your local NI representative to get more information and discuss your specific project and ideal HW platform. http://www.ni.com/embedded/ LabVIEW C Code Generator - http://sine.ni.com/n...g/en/nid/209015 LabVIEW for ARM - http://www.ni.com/labview/arm/
  9. Use a Local Variable in LabVIEW to write to an indicator. In general use Local Variables sparingly and only when absolutely necessary as they make the program difficult to maintain and may introduce race conditions. Excessive use of local and global variables is considered a bad programming practice.
  10. Christian_L

    Christian L

  11. Just to clarify, in the vein of assigning a news-worthy name to every event, 'snowpocalypse' is being thrown out there, but even Texans realize that this is more in fun than being a serious description of 3/4" of snow. The real snowpocalypse does not start until there's at least 2" of snow. My commute on Friday (I grew up in Canada so I can not in good conscience stay home when there is a little snow on the ground):
  12. No, if you are running LV 2010 on the host machine and want to connect to a RT target from the development environment, then the RT target needs to be running the same version of LabVIEW. If you have a completed deployed RT application developed in one version of LabVIEW you can connect to the application (VI) from a LabVIEW VI in a different version using 'generic' communication mechanism like TCP/UDP and also shared variables in most cases.
  13. If you like listening to classical music while coding and/or like Lost (The TV Show) check out Chris Ryan's music on YouTube. He's got a great arrangement of Lost music and also does his own compositions. The is split into two parts, but he provides a link to the entire piece in one MP3 file.http://www.youtube.c...ser/KLGAviation
  14. After reading this from Chris, I guess I'll now have to spend the time to use and love the Auto-Tool myself. Maybe I need to get a better mouse to be able to position the cursor more precisely. Yes, I am an old timer, though to be honest my first year at NI I resisted learning LabVIEW at all, having started as a LabWindows/DOS and then CVI guy. I always (jokingly) tell the guys in my group, that if a feature didn't exist in LV5, I likely do not use it.
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