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[CR] State Machine Follower

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Name: State Machine Follower

Submitter: jcarmody

Submitted: 19 Oct 2011

File Updated: 20 Oct 2011

Category: JKI Right-Click Framework Plugins

LabVIEW Version: 2009

License Type: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

This JKI RCF Plugin sets the Visible Frame property of a Case Structure while the owning VI is running. Use it to follow the execution through the cases in your string-based State Machine/Sequencer when Execution Highlighting isn't fast enough (and, it's never fast enough).

The use-case I wrote this to improve is setting a Breakpoint on the Error wire coming out of the main Case Structure and probing the Case Selector terminal so I can float-probe wires during execution. The problem with this is that I had to manually select the current frame every time. This is boring, so I developed this plugin to automatically set the Visible Frame to the case most recently executed.

Use - Select the String wire connected to the main Case Structure's selector terminal, invoke the JKI RCF and select StateFollower.

Special thanks to - AristosQueue, for his help over here.

LabVIEW versions - tested in 2009 & 2011 - it should work in 2010 as well

Installation - use VIPM to install the VI Package

License - Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution (Really, do whatever you want. I don't care.)

Click here to download this file

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