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You know its gonna be a long day when...

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that database application that everyone hates to use, that was written 10 years ago (by a hack) has a 'problem' that should be easy to fix.

You open the top level BD and VI hierarchy. You see something that made you shudder two years ago when you tried to fix something last time and you just want to run away...

Maybe I should just rewrite it... Yeah... Thats it. A rewrite... How hard can it be to devine the undocumented requirements from this steaming pile of...

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Thank you LAVA! The hacker of yore did not know that Uniterated For Loops do not pass References!

The database is queried and sometimes (seldom) returns ZERO elements. A subsequent UPDATE statement was trying to update ZERO records in a loop and there was no shift register for the DB Connection reference. The next function after the loop was querying the DB with a null connection ref.

Now I can relax before going for my echocardiogram today...

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