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I ran into a bug in LV 2011 with the List Folder primitive. A pattern with an underscore in it will return an empty array despite matches in the target directory. Here is a demonstration of the bug:

List Folder.zip

I contacted NI about the bug. There is a CAR for the MAC OS only at the moment and it will either be updated or a new CAR created. I wasn't able to get what version of LabVIEW will correct this.


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Ummm... slight problem with example... the value for the item "Test123_*.* (doesn't work)" is actually defined as "Test_*.*". No files in the test directory match that pattern, irrespective of the List Folder function. If I place a string control on the front panel and enter a pattern of "Test123_*.*" then the resultant array is ["test123_1.txt", "test123_2.txt"].

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