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Scripting Project->Save all


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Hi scripting people.

I couldn't find a way to script "Project->Save All". Can anyone offer some guidance to achieve this?

Thanks and best regards, Miha

If its not exposed then I am guessing you would have to loop thru and get all children etc... and save based on type. This would be a pain but would make a great reusable VI.

I posted this idea a while ago too that you may be interested in supporting: http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Expose-all-available-LabVIEW-Project-Methods-via-VI-Server/idi-p/1156887


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I have another related problem - you know if you have the same "project" (not lvproj), and it is intended to run on two different targets (Win and PXI RT).

I have two different lvproj files, one for each target type. If you build your win32 project first, and then PXI RT after that, LabVIEW recompiles all the VIs for the new target. But, it does the same for all its internal <vi.lib> VIs as well.

If I click on the "Project->Save all" LabVIEW takes care of internal VIs, but if I script this, how do I save all the internal <vi.lib> VIs? I tried to get something usefully from Target/Depenedencies, but don't know exactly how to proceed.

Do I just iterate over all descendants, and try to cast to appropriate item type? What Items do I have to take care of?

VIs, controls, libraries, virtual folders? Anything else comes to mind?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Br, Miha

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