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Problem Running new vision assistant 7.1

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  • 3 months later...

I saw the same thing when I installed my Vision 7.1. It gets worse! When I complied the application and ran it (on the development machine) it got a dialog stating:

"This is an unlicensed Version of Vision 7.1,...would you like to connect to the internet and obtain a license?"

So apparently it can license an exe built application? huh?

Welcome to the world of the NI License manager - where licensing is MORE important than the application running.

As vision 7.0 is pretty much the same as 7.1 - I uninstalled Vision 7.1.


Jack Hamilton

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  • 1 month later...

But wait it gets much, much worse.... :wacko:

A few weeks later some of the Vision OCR functions would not work and other vision quirkyness occured. I turned out the installing of vision 7.1 and uninstall - corrupted the vision dlls. :blink:

I had to completely uninstall all of LabVIEW and reinstall everything to get things back in working order!!


Jack Hamilton

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