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  1. At the moment I solved using IMAQFillImage VI. That VI allow, using a binary image as mask to determine which pixels has to be overwritten, to do what I need. Beeing an 8bit grayscale image it allows me only to choose 255 gradients from black to white, but converting the image in a coloured one, it allow to use every color I want.
  2. It's really not clear to me what you said.... At the moment I've used Image To Image vi using the thresholded image as Small Image and as mask as well. It works but it doesn't allow me to choose the color of the overlay. It's always black.
  3. Hi, I would like to threshold a binaty image showing to the user the original Image overlayed by the thershold result like the Vision Assistand does. I've tried with the Keep/Replace Value input in the threshold VI but it does the exact opposite of what I need (it replace or not the thresholded image leaving BLACK the rest) I need to replace the thresholded values with a user color and leave the rest of image as it is. Any suggestion on How to do it? thank you so much.
  4. My fault It was not a strange Offset, it was a specific offest I was setting before using the mask and that I did not disconnect from the offset terminal Now all work fine Thank you!
  5. This is s what I'm trying to do using the Image Mask input of ImagetoImage VI but If I do so, as you can see in attached file, in the result, the inside part of the image has a strange offset... unisci immagini FINALE.vi
  6. Hi, I have an application where I need to extract a portion of an Image, binarize with different threshold the two part of the original image and then merge them back. To do so, at the moment, I trace a rectangle on the original Image, use two Mask from ROI VI to extract the inside and outside portions of the image and then I use the IMAQ ImagetoImage 2 VI to merge the two parts. This procedure works only with rectangular ROI, But I need to do the same with a define by user Polygon. Any suggestion on How to do it? In the attached example If you rotate the rectangle you can see my
  7. My initial problem was on HOW to store blob data in an SQLite record field using this toolkit. So i thought this was the right place to make my question. I Had no idea about the problem of no standard for storing images on a BLOB field. Now that I know that, i can say: 1)Attached are 2 solution working with SQLite Manager but not with SQLite administrator neither with DB Browser for SQLite 2) Being so, maybe it's better to store images in a specific folder and store the path in the DB. Thank you so much for the support.
  8. As you suggested, I've made an example using Vision Library, starting from a previously stored image but nothing change. Or better, I don't get any error executing the VI and in the DB I can see the new record but using SQLite Administrator I'm not able to see the picture inside the DB. SQLite Administrator has a specific function that should show the image. I attach even the DB with 4 records with that should have the same image on it but I can't see it. DB_CN35.sdb
  9. As I told in my previous message, Because I Don't Know How to save my image as a blob in labview! The image is not originally stored in my PC but is acquired with Vision Libraries. So once acquired, Hwo to save it as a blob? And then How to pass it to SQLite library to store it into my DB?
  10. Which example do you refer to? I'm trying using this code to write my image but it seems not to work and I can't understand what I'm doing wrong.
  11. Yes, I know that SQLite needs Binary Blob but not How to do it in labview and pass it to SQLite library using an SQL statement.
  12. Hi, i would like to use your library to save images on a field of a table in SQLite. Is it possible? How should I do? thank you so much.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to insert some NULL values in a datetime field. In the example, the DATA_INSERIMENTO field has a non empty value and it works correctly but DATA_INTERVENTO doesn't accept NULL. If I use an empty string instead of null, the VI run without any errors but it fill the database field with a 1900-01-01 and it's not what I want. If I use the DB Tools NULL VI it gives me another type of error, maybe 'cause I'm connecting a variant to a cluster of string. If i use a Variant to Data VI for the NULL value it returns an empty string so not the result I need
  14. I developed an appication to manage a DB. So I need to create an interface that could be accessed from different users that will make different queries on the DB so it should display different results. Is this possible with this tool?
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