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I hadn't seen that vi, although there is this one as well http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/3711

Neither vi demonstrates windows selection.

I have an API which doesn't expose passing in a particular value to a program. Instead their code does allow a prompt in which you can type the value.

To do this you need to first get the handle to the window, which is what that library helped with. I've found a couple of forum posts on the library, but the links are dead.

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I found a couple posts on NI's forums that linked to a SendKey.llb attachment, but none of them worked (404'd). I reported the posts to the moderator.

To find a window, you can use the FindWindow() Windows API call. To set focus to a window, you can use the SetForegroundWindow() API call. Neither are very difficult to implement in a CLN. If the VI you're looking to target is a VI front panel that you can open a reference to, you can use the NativeWindow property:


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    • By drummaniac83
      I'm working on a login/privilege escalation feature that uses domain user/PW and got LDAP authentication figured out, but I was hoping to avoid just using a labview string control for the password entry b/c of security (VI Server, unencrypted, etc). I am trying to call CredUIPromptForWindowsCredentials  and launch the native windows login dialog.  It is a function in the System32\credui.dll but I can't get the parameters right.  I keep getting a return value of A0(160) and no dialog.  I think it is the PCREDUI_INFO type screwing it up. It needs:
      DWORD WINAPI CredUIPromptForWindowsCredentials(
      _In_opt_    PCREDUI_INFO pUiInfo,
      _In_        DWORD        dwAuthError,
      _Inout_     ULONG        *pulAuthPackage,
      _In_opt_    LPCVOID      pvInAuthBuffer,
      _In_        ULONG        ulInAuthBufferSize,
      _Out_       LPVOID       *ppvOutAuthBuffer,
      _Out_       ULONG        *pulOutAuthBufferSize,
      _Inout_opt_ BOOL         *pfSave,
      _In_        DWORD        dwFlags
      I've been told that Rolf would be able to solve this in 30 seconds.  Help me LAVA! You're my only hope!
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