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How to use custom icon editor without breaking reference to the NI icon editor LV 2011?

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Hello, I didn't get any reply to my question, I hope i can get someone opinion here

We use a custom icon editor for many years now and it help a lot to be more productive. Since the introduction of the New NI Icon Editor we continue to use our custom IE but we use the New IE either for API vi with graphics. To do so we need to rename the lv_icon.vi that ship by NI to lv_icon_NI.vi and we called it dynamicaly from our IE. But now the New NI Icon editor is built in .lvlibp and we cannot rename it because it is built. We tried to build NI IE with the source code by renaming lv_icon.vi and conbine it with our IE but this way we can't call the NI IE from our IE. This technique have a side effect to break some tools (NI LVOOP wizard, JGCODE Tools) that call the NI IE with the API.

Some one know how to get a custom IE that can call the NI IE without breaking other tools?


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