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  1. To resolve this problem, I cast the DVR into a U32. So in your private data of your class you will have only a U32 so not anymore recursive loading. To access your data you will need to recast the U32 to DVR.
  2. Ok if it's impossible to move the 0px cluster around, I agree with you it's useless. My use case was an array of cluster and I need to sync it with a List Box. The 1px on the top should fit with my requirement. Thank you hooovahh
  3. Where is the original Post? Where is the second .ctl? ... I'm looking for the 0 pixel border cluster. Anyone have it in there archive? Thank you
  4. Now available on the web site: http://www.ni.com/trylabview/
  5. Finally it was my fault... I was entering the old Community activation COMM-UNIT-YEDI-TION-2011 I'm late in my year count So use COMM-UNIT-YEDI-TION-2012 Dany
  6. I got this error when I want to register Symbio GDS : So why it's limited in number of activation? for Community Edition? I just want to see what's new in the current version. I'm not trying to cheat or something. If it's not possible to activate, what I need to do to uninstall it? Currently I got a dialog that tell me to activate it each time I start LabVIEW. Any idea? Thank you Dany
  7. http://www.ni.com/la...atsnew/upgrade/ Enjoy Dany
  8. [cross-post] Hello, I didn't get any reply to my question, I hope i can get someone opinion here We use a custom icon editor for many years now and it help a lot to be more productive. Since the introduction of the New NI Icon Editor we continue to use our custom IE but we use the New IE either for API vi with graphics. To do so we need to rename the lv_icon.vi that ship by NI to lv_icon_NI.vi and we called it dynamicaly from our IE. But now the New NI Icon editor is built in .lvlibp and we cannot rename it because it is built. We tried to build NI IE with the source code by renaming lv_icon.vi and conbine it with our IE but this way we can't call the NI IE from our IE. This technique have a side effect to break some tools (NI LVOOP wizard, JGCODE Tools) that call the NI IE with the API. Some one know how to get a custom IE that can call the NI IE without breaking other tools? Dany
  9. Look at this How did you enable the creation of a Xnode and selection of abilities in your Project ?
  10. Please vote for this idea to add support to Alpha channel in picture control http://forums.ni.com...ol/idi-p/917415 Dany
  11. Check this resource for more help : http://decibel.ni.co.../docs/DOC-10153 Dany
  12. If you add a .MNU to your class you will get the .mnu in the menu ring. http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=6478 And after that when you right click on the reference of your class in BD you will get a new menu. http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=6479 Dany
  13. There is some improvement to get good result http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=6164 http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=6165 Dany
  14. daal


    QUOTE(AdamRofer @ Apr 2 2007, 03:57 PM) Nothing happens. The VIM doesn't appear on the block diagram.
  15. daal


    QUOTE(AdamRofer @ Apr 2 2007, 03:24 PM) Just a note to get this working, you need to enable external node with "ExternalNodesEnabled=True" in Labview.ini And in my case it doesn't work with drag and drop from explorer, I need to use "Select a VI" from the palette Dany
  16. QUOTE(Aitor Solar @ Feb 28 2007, 05:10 AM) Thank you Aitor for the update, now it represent the real world of xnodes :thumbup:
  17. QUOTE(AdamRofer @ Feb 23 2007, 07:02 PM) Hi, I have extracted the help documentation for the abilities and I have formated in a word document with hyperlinks. http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=5045 Dany
  18. QUOTE(Aitor Solar @ Feb 21 2007, 07:15 AM) Thanks Aitor, Great tool :thumbup: QUOTE(Aitor Solar @ Feb 21 2007, 07:15 AM) 2) Maybe the abilities list is not complete (but I have tried all the proposed til now). If you find other abilities, please tell me. You can find all the Abilities vi's in <LV8.2>\resource\Framework\Providers\xi\xnode.llb Dany
  19. crelf is the first to ask for the beer... you get the pitcher :thumbup:
  20. I don't think I will be at NI Week this year. I made its for the pleasure, not to get the prize
  21. Hi, there is my xnode. Finally it's an easy one, you don't have to do any scripting to get the default data. :thumbup: Download File:post-223-1170317628.llb have a nice day Dany
  22. Hi, I found that if you enable the Show folding feature the error don't occur anymore :thumbup: Dany Download File:post-223-1157980624.vi
  23. I used a simple stategy to lock the user from executing other executable. I start my app at startup and I kill explorer.exe and for the operator account I restrict the acces to taskmgr.exe to be executed. That way you can't execute any other EXE and only if you don't have any File Dialog used in your App. Dany
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