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Omron Temp Controller via RS485 - Help!

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If its rs485, they probably use Modbus protocol. Read up on this. Get the NI modbus library. This will allow you to read modbus registers.

Read the controller manual, find out where what the registers are. Read registers you need with modbus library vis.

You will need to typecast those registers to the data type you need. For example, feedback temperature will probably be represented as 32-bit float.

For example, a modbus 32-bit floating point is contained inside two registers. You need to read both those registers and typecast them to a single precision float.

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Has anyone attempted to use omron temperature controllers with Labview?

I have a E5CN and I am want to communicate via VISA but I have no idea what to do.

Does anyone know?

According to the manual it uses a RS-485 interface and supports CompoWay/F, SYSWAY, or Modbus protocol. What Modbus registers to read for the setpoint, current value and other values and how to interpret them should be mentioned in some sort of programming manual or such. The Operation Manual on the site at least doesn't document anything about that.

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