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Indicator Change Event


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I am using a few LEDs as inidcators on my front panel. I am trying to build an event structure that captures the LED value changes. I am having trouble getting this to work.

I'm probably missing something simple here, can anyone tell me what is wrong/how to get it working?



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Event structures introduced since LV 6 are mainly meant to catch GUI events, e.g. when the user changes the value of a control. This avoids the continous polling in a loop which had to be used in the pre-LV 6 days.

With LV 6.1 and 7.0 event structures got new features, one of them was the ability to react on programmatic (not user-caused) value changes of controls or indicators.

But, the programmatic changes have to be made by writing to a control's or indicator's property node 'Value (signalling)'. Writing to the property node 'Value' or updating an indicator in the usual way will not lead to a value-changed event.

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