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LVOOP + LVRT 2011?


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Is anybody using LVOOP in LVRT? I don't see any mention of it on the NI site or here in a cursory perusal. I'd like to bring modern programming methods to my LVRT development, but I'm nervous about uncited claims of slow execution and memory leaks.

If you're using LVOOP in LVRT, what's it like? Any issues with performance? Any special considerations you have to follow to optimize memory utilization? Any weird bugs you keep running into?

If you're deliberately not using them together, why? I haven't started yet simply because nobody else I know has, and being the first adopter usually means being the first to get burned! :P


Edit: I'm not NI anymore. I wish the mods would fix that for me...

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There are a few posts here on LAVA on this topic. It seems like you can use LVOOP on RT target but there are some limitations (can't remember which one) . I'm not sure OOP is the way to go with RT targets considering the issues we saw using OOP on Windows targets.

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According to the LabVIEW Object-Oriented Programming FAQ, LVOOP is fully supported by LabVIEW Real-Time 2009 and greater. A quick search of the bug report database shows very few documented issues with OOP on RT, so I wouldn't worry much about uncited performance claims.

More anecdotally, a few months back, I used LVOOP to develop a large distributed application on Windows, and was able to port it to both VxWorks & NI ETS style RT controllers quickly and without issue. Even running on very old cRIO's (9002's), I didn't have any issues with memory or bugs (CPU on the 9002 was another issue ;) ).

I hope this helps,

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We use LabVIEW objects on RT (cRIOs) for many applications in LabVIEW 2011. It works quite well for us, so that I would highly recommend using it now, but there are some important things to note. See these threads:


and especially


The most critical advice I have is to use interfaces if you plan to deploy applications of any significant complexity!


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I'm not NI anymore. I wish the mods would fix that for me...

All you needed to do was ask, but next time you need something moderated, try contacting the mods directly rather than alluding to something in a thread - we don't read them all.

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