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  1. The few things I can think of are: -Project diversity -Salary (25% of job satisfaction for me) -Coworkers -Manager: I need to understand his choices, rewards/congratulations for the job done, I want facts not promises or "maybes"
  2. You might want to post it in the right section (certification sub forum)
  3. We are using teamViewer (we bought a licence so we have a custom exe we provide to our customer) Only problem is, many (most) customers don't allow remote connection so we have to go to customer site or help them with screenshots + phone
  4. Jordan, if I were you, I would study the sample exam carefully because the real exam is very similar.
  5. Maybe you should get in touch with your NI sales rep. He'll help you figure out if TestStand is the right tool for your application.
  6. Hi, The getting started is a good read. No one will share the course manuals because we can't! You have to purchase it from NI. Some links: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/7022/en/ http://www.ni.com/white-paper/7560/en/
  7. Hi Eric, As a matter of fact I do know how to use events. What I want to do is more complicated. We are coding a "real Datadashboard" the computer HMI is duplicated on a "tablet computer" (Running on windows but will also be compatible with iPad etc...). We don't want to poll on the user interface and refresh the "client" only when needed (value change, menu activation, etc...), we also don't want to code each user interface and use a "Brat VI" instead. i'm not quite sure LabVIEW has the built in capability to do that. Bonjour du Sud! Rodéric
  8. I have a MSc in Physics but enjoy the show. Many engineer love that show (the younger ones maybe...)
  9. I disagree, I like this show (The Big Bang Theory). Maybe you're not the "target" for this show... Anyway it would be really hard to find out which TV show is the worst considering the large amount of "bad" TV shows
  10. Hello LAVA members, Is there a way to get an "event" when an HMI is updated? user interactions, new data in a graph etc... obviously I don't want to code every "events" an HMI can handle Regards,
  11. What I did was only code the architecture (state machines etc) +1 module, other modules are just case structures + unbundles + comments
  12. Hi Mike, I got 92% for requirements coverage. I don't think they expect you to be near 100% but if you only hit 70% you'll need to do well at the architecture IMO it would be easier to get points from the requirement tags. Hope this helps
  13. Have you checked this link? http://forums.ni.com/t5/Certification/Riding-the-CLA-on-LVOOP/td-p/1882643
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