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Tool to Import an ActiveX Library

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I would like to wrap an ActiveX interface in a LabVIEW class. This process is pretty tedious. Does anyone know of a tool similar to the "Import Shared Library" that would work for an ActiveX class (*.tlb; *.olb; *.ocx; *.dll)?

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No tool, but the code for it should be pretty easy. I personally don't see the need, but I did post a basic example here which does this with .NET. The same thing should presumably apply to ActiveX code.

One thing you might want to do is create a template of the class VI and use that as a basis for each VI. This will save you having to script all the code which stays the same.

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I have already jumped into scripting this tool. :book:

Wrapping the properties and methods should be easy. However, any suggestions on how to script the selection of a Type Library? It would be nice if the native Select Object From Type Library dialog could be launched, but I don't see much in scripting related to ActiveX and Automation Open functions.

I found this related post on LAVA, but it does not create the ActiveX ref. It creates an array of I16.


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