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Suggestions for Tesst Fixture connectors?


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I am designing a test fixture for a cable assembly. It will need to connect to bare 20G solid wires, and handle up to 500VDC.

I would like to stay away from screw terminals. In the past, I have used what look like stereo speaker push-buttons.

Anyone have any better suggestions?

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Do you want them to be in one quick-disconnect? If so, what other signals do you want in there too? How many are going to be in your cable assembly? I'm confused about you saying you're connecting to bare wires to test a cable assembly: shouldn't you just connect to mating cable assembly connectors? Or does the assembly have flying leads?

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If I understand you correctly, you have a pigtail or multiple wires coming off the part you're testing. Spring loaded terminals (similar to some stereo connections) would be the fastest way to get a good connection. The only other option I know of would be screw terminals, which would be a more positive connection.

The amount of current you need to run through is as important as the voltage. Put too much current through a pogo pin and it'll become a fuse.

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