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NI & LabVIEW 2012 vs My Muscle Memory

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Argh! I lose again. First it was the great palette shuffle caper. Now it is the right click menu! It is funny how something so tiny gets ingrained into such a strong habit. In 2011 and before you could right click a thing, hold the right button down, navigate to your choice and release. Now when you let go, LabVIEW just stares dumbly back at you. But hey, conditional tunnels! Yay.

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Well I played around with some other apps on windows to see if there was a "standard" behavior. And it's true that nothing else really behaves the way LabVIEW did. That being said, LabVIEW still doesn't behave the same was as other Windows apps (at least on Win7). Both explorer and google chrome require you to release the right mouse button before displaying the context menu. *shrug* It isn't exactly the apocalypse... just one of those little things that irritates. In fact, the change was so subtle I first thought my mouse button was starting to break.

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