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LED Indicating Switch Position


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This might be real simple...

I want to connect an LED indicator to show the status of a boolean switch.

eg. When the switch is on the LED will light, when the switch is switched to off, the LED will go out.

Do i need to use a select comparison?

Any help for a n00b much appreciated




Here you go.


It didn't look to good, but just connect the control(switch) to the indicator(led).

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hey man im not right if i undertood what you ask....if was just what nightdweller said.....

you really need some help


Leave him alone zeus224. :nono:

We have all got to start somewhere, and the second best way to learn is to ask (the first being to try work it out yourself!!)

People do not need to be put down by you and your incredibly interesting use of the English language. :thumbdown:

Would you like it if you asked a question on these boards that was perceived as being easy by another forum member and they shot you down for being "dumb"?

Didn't think so.

Positive attitudes people :yes:

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hey man im not right if i undertood what you ask....if was just what nightdweller said.....

you really need some help


Your Command of the english language lacks finise :question:

For someone who is approaching their 99 birthday. you must be the oldest living Labviewer

in the world -- well at least Brazil :thumbup: congrates by the way

but back to the point YOU LACK MANNERS. :thumbdown:

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but back to the point  YOU LACK MANNERS. :thumbdown:


I agree, and am pretty disappointed zeus224, especially after I (and others) tried just recently to help you with a small problem:

:arrow: http://forums.lavausergroup.org/index.php?...findpost&p=3123

I am also surprised, since I have worked with several projects and people in South American countries and have found them to be uniformly polite and well mannered. Please refrain from such comments about your fellow forum members. You might also want to rethink the icon you use as an avatar, it does not lend a good impression, especially combined with your recent comment.

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It's really okay, we all start off at some point.  Although it looks like you moving fairly well as of late.


Thanks, ive recently finished the project i was working on. It was my first time using Labview.

I produced a Car 'drive by wire' simulator, using serial communications between 2 computers, controls and dashboard on one, the engine, ecu etc on the other.

Worked quite well. Was a steep learning curve, starting with the LED problem, lol.



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