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  1. Hi if you have read your NMEA formats then you should realise that the data is in a string format. You can determine which data is output and also how often it is updated. You will need to do 'extensive' manipulation after you have obtained the data file. if you want to plot in a 3 dimensional graph. Check your manual to see if it is possible to change baud rates. Also which strings ($GMRCC,$GGPLL etc) you want outputed. xseadog
  2. xseadog


    Hi MAH2681 NI-MAX :--National Instruments Measurement and Automation Explorer See gif for program location Regards xseadog
  3. Hi Dniz after you have debugged your development application, save all. Close down Labview then open Labview again, chose a new vi. Select build application and chose the VI you wish to build, rember to include any necessary external libraries. Check that all parameters are set Save the script file. Build the application. If it is necessary to build again ( bugs errors etc) then follow above procedure execept recall build script and modify ie point to new version of main vi. Rember to save script file before building . change its version chow xseadog :thumbup:
  4. Your Command of the english language lacks finise :question: For someone who is approaching their 99 birthday. you must be the oldest living Labviewer in the world -- well at least Brazil :thumbup: congrates by the way but back to the point YOU LACK MANNERS. :thumbdown:
  5. Please clarify ? If you are refering to number of versions then it is more than 9 !! What OS are you running - if XP with SP2 (ha ha) try removing upgrade. chow xseadog
  6. Hi Sarah have you reported error to NI Support ? try shortlink http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?boar....id=3313#M76428 which brings to NI board messages. You might have to log on! Chow Xseadog
  7. With regard to yor data: Have you actual 10k samples? If you connect an array indicator, what values do you actual see if you at register(location)ie 487 Why not do your editoring via data handling , then present result via Graph ? What is your plot resolutio n? chow xseadog
  8. Hi boyracer why read one bit at a time ?? Use read bye count vi ! With regard to you block diagram- you are assuming that the serial port init occurs before you read loop Use sequence to ensure that occurs :worship: Also recommand that you add a short delay so that initialisation of port complete before event. At present you loop structure is hogging CPU process time, put a wait in the loop with say 20ms (experiment) chow xseadog
  9. Soory all it appears had time out on upload. Will try again Download File:post-577-1097584426.zip
  10. Hi All using cut and paste (what else) have strung a probe example together using Danny and Helen's previous coding. It provides a sound when probe recieves data and also recordes actual time to text log. It is necessary to generate you own text log before hand for it to function. Have funny & modify to suit your own appls. :thumbup: chow xseadog
  11. Can any one help with regard to generated error codes for RS232 communications :question: Whilst building application have occasion port error code 37 . Error occurs after using xmodem protocol. Tried to remove error via closing serial port (Labview 6). Generates error code 38. At present necessary to restart PC, which is operating in 2000 environment. Unable to find out what actually error code 37 & 38 mean. Chow Xseadog
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