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CLA - LV 2012 Exam

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Hi Everyone,

I have a question about the CLA Exam. Earlier this year I took the exam and failed at 63%. I think I will do better this time but I took the exam with LV 2011. Has anyone took the exam with LV 2011 and LV 2012? Was the exam harder in anyway? I developed my main architect during the LV2011 exam duplicating the message queues design of the beta LV 2012 version. Now that the message queue design is part of LV 2012 it will save me time.. I think.

Any help would be great. :thumbup1:

Thanks Bill

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I cant answer your question but I can warn you that I took the CLA exam about 2 months ago. The paperwork said that we would be taking the exam using LV 2012 only to sit down on the day to find that all the PCs at NI were running LV 2011. Not a huge problem but a bit of a shock when you are not expecting it.

Good Luck with the exam.

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I just took the CLA today for the first time; as such, I can't say whether or not the exam is now more difficult. However, I can say that, at least at my testing site, LabVIEW 2012 was being used. I'd recommend being prepared to work without the built-in message queues of LabVIEW 2012, just in case.

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