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  1. Hello The sub VIs are in the NI_3D Picture Control.LvLib. so possibly not part of your installed Labview. Thanks for trying anyway.
  2. Opps I will correct that, please find attached the 2012 version. example.vi
  3. Hello all. I have a VI where Setting horizontal Wrap mode to repeat makes a dark area where the sphere has no texture disappear, but I want to understand why the image is not completely wrapped around the sphere when this is set to Clamp and what I can do to fix this issue. I don’t want to repeat the texture to fill to dark area. See attached example vi. Many thanks in advance. example.vi
  4. I agree with all the above. I would also suggest buying a USB drive and make sure you have backed up you laptop drive to it so if a virus gets on to it or a badly formatted Linux command wipes the laptop (My boss did that in China recently) it only takes an hour or two to fix it. It is also very handy to back up the system you are working on so you can use the image to reproduce software problems you cannot recreate in the office.
  5. I comment my code, not because I it is too complex to follow but because sooner or later the code my code will always end up in a production environment. From experience I have found many times that after a very long day trying to get a production line up and running again a comment in the right place can save a lot of time when you are tired. This is doubly so when the person working on you code is not you but some poor engineer who has to work out the problem in your absence.
  6. I sent a mail last night just before I went to bed, and got a response was waiting for me in the morning, so top marks, I initial experience of mailing them must have been atypical. Many thanks all.
  7. Yes emailing Symbio/Endevo next will be my next step, I tried here first because I found them rather slow to react to email when I was trying to buy the software to the point where I had to phone Sweden after no response to my email after a week to talk to one of their sales team to buy the software. I am surprised when you say that they work on a yearly renew licence as the licence grants to Licensee a perpetual, non-exclusive and non-transferable license. It’s a excellent piece of software I hope to keep using it. Thanks all.
  8. It’s a fair question and the answer is not yet I am hanging off making any changes to the system as we are just starting up a production line with this PXI system and I really don’t want to be the cause of any line stops if doing that causes any problems.
  9. I just had the following pop up when I started my LabVIEW today. The license for Symbios GDS toolkit is about to expire. It expires in 14 days, please uninstall the application by then or reactivate it with a new activation code. We have GOOP Development Suite Professional Edition and I am under the impression that we bought the software not rented it. what am I missing.
  10. I cant answer your question but I can warn you that I took the CLA exam about 2 months ago. The paperwork said that we would be taking the exam using LV 2012 only to sit down on the day to find that all the PCs at NI were running LV 2011. Not a huge problem but a bit of a shock when you are not expecting it. Good Luck with the exam.
  11. The compliment is well deserved and if my company will let me out of the building, I may well see you at one of the CLA Summits.
  12. Hello I have just passed the architect exam, and I just wanted to say that I have learned a lot from the posts on this site. Many thanks all. A special thanks to the lava member FAB to came over to the UK from the US to do the advanced architectures course at NI and was by far the best lecturer that I have had there.
  13. I had the same problem using the same IP and port for receiving as well and transmitting in UDP. Adding the following to the Labview INI file will allow you to do it in windows, but I can’t promise it will work in Linux. SocketSetReuseAddr=TRUE Don’t forget to add the INI file to your installer when you create the installer, or your be wondering why it won’t after you install it.
  14. It rather depends what you want to happen when you press the abort button. I have used the following method to do hardware shut-down after the abort button is pressed during debug. Simply stated you launch a watchdog VI that waits on a queue when you press the abort button on the main VI this makes the queue invalid so that the error causes the loop to end and any code following the loop to be executed. See the example attached. Example.zip
  15. I don’t think you can directly change the resolution from Labview using the Windows API. You will need either a DLL or ActiveX as a wrapper for the call to the API. See the link below. It doesn’t do every thing you want sadly, but it is a starting point. http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/1429
  16. We develop a number of test systems for use in China at our production facility and when we ship it for whichever engineer is on site at the time to debug. Now because the PXI racks that are used may well have been bought in China we can not guarantee that the PXI rack will all the required software and drivers so we make sure that any software or drivers are included in the package we send as as access to the internet can be tricky or just so slow as to be unusable. The question is that we a number of components that we install from the VIPM but that is not allays possible via the internet i
  17. Whatever PC you get, try to get them from a supplier that can guarantee the hardware will be available for as long as possible without change. If a test PC fails and you can replace it with an identical PC on which you can mirror the hard drive image back on in the least time is a huge advantage. The cost of a production line being down for even a short period, outweighs any money saved on a cheap PC.
  18. Hi I think you problem is more hardware than software. A close read of the stepper motor manual may well be in order with regard to the rate at which the motor can change from running full speed in one direction to full speed in the other, bearing in mind this will be effected by the system being driven and it's innertia and this may well be the real problem. It may well be that the soloution is to slow the moter before changing direction. Rather than stopping it completely . Hope this helps.
  19. Thanks for you help, I will have a look at this tomorrow.
  20. Thanks, everything helps. I understand that the ResultsList holds the results for that scope but what I don’t understand is when a main sequence calls a sub sequence that has its own ResultsList how to get all these different ResultsList so that I have all the results for a given test run.
  21. Does anyone know how to access all the results in teststand using labview before they are parsed by the report and database sections of the sequence file. (SequentialModel). I need to check that all the numerical values are valid before they are passed to the SQL server. My thanks in advance.
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