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Call library function node?


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Hello ladies and gents,

I am having a problem with a VI that will not load properly. So here is what I did:

I switched computers in my test set(upgraded to a faster computer), while doing this I also copied my labview files onto the faster computer. When I loaded up my VI, it asked for the directories where several sub VIs were located. The problem lies in the fact that when it asked for the Plv.dll call library, I accidently selected a VI library with ironically the same name. So now everytime I try to load the VI, it says there is an error "call library function node: function not found in library." I have tried everything I know to correct this problem, but have not solved the issue at hand. Any suggestions?

Side Notes: All other programs that do not require the Plv.dll library work fine and the code still works on the old computer. If you require the code to help I can add attach it later, but I don't have a copy of it right now as I am at home!



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Side Notes:  All other programs that do not require the Plv.dll library work fine and the code still works on the old computer.


Well, why not copy over the code from the other PC again?

I have no idea what Plv.dll is, do you? Is it the driver for the daq card? If so, then you need to copy or install the driver given to you from the manufacturer.

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Before you load your VI, rename your "Plv.dll" to something "Plv.dll.x" so LV doesn't find it anymore and asks you again to select it. Afterwards you can rename it to the original.

Make sure to add a "<dot>something" at the end, so LV and Windoze doesn't recognize the file as a dll anymore.

I use this system quite often, especially when I transfer a project from e.g. LV6 to 7 and don't want to have the instruments and other commonly used (in LV6) vi's also saved as LV7.


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