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Intensity graph with non linear X scale

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I' d like to display an intensity graph with a non linear and non regular X-scale, in other words an X-scale with time dicontinuities (see image in attachment).

I have a solution by adding a slide above the X-scale, but as I have to manage cursors, is' not very easy.

I'd like to know if someone has a better solution...


Thanks in advance





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Because there may be several hours of discontinuity, for just few seconds of interesting signal, and my customer don't want to see these "black" zones. He wants to see at a glance all the interesting zones.

Is not just cut out the blackdata and leave a reasonable black region where you cut and after that make your own axis marker by using a property node (in write mode) and the XScale.MarkerVals[] with your own markers (any number). You might have to set XScale.UniformMarker to False.

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