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  1. Is your user logged in to the same server in the operating system? In that case I have learn that windows keeps a lot of information locally, for the session. You probably could find more information on stack-exchange.
  2. Look at this link http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/5AE4ADCBB65A6D8F86256FBF007A1AC1
  3. I will look into how add Labview. It seems indeed a good idea to donate some $.
  4. There is Kickstart project NoFlo for data flow programming with Javascript below the diagram. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/noflo/noflo-development-environment AQ and other NI-staff it is surprising that LabVIEW is not mentioned at all on this wikipedia page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow-based_programming
  5. Is not just cut out the blackdata and leave a reasonable black region where you cut and after that make your own axis marker by using a property node (in write mode) and the XScale.MarkerVals[] with your own markers (any number). You might have to set XScale.UniformMarker to False.
  6. Thanks Jack for your input! I have made changes (and some rather large) to some systems over RDP on XP. I agree can be real challenging with the delays when developing.
  7. In addition, we are aiming almost exclusively to run prebuilt executable on windows server and also only have one user/administrator account. Jack do you believe we will run into the nuisances that you have encountered then?
  8. Which challenges and nuances have you encountered? We will be very seldom physically at the machine for instance, almost every will be done of remotely.
  9. Do any of you have any experiances on running LabVIEW on 2012 or 2008R2 Server?
  10. Square arrays? Equal dimension size? You must mean rectangular arrays or?
  11. Try to use the count terminal to set the size of chunks you read in every iteration and use shift registers for the refnum. This to build your data array stepwise. By renamning the file extenstion from .txt to .dat you will not get a binary file. It still remains a textfile! Use VIs for reading textfiles. You can read textfiles line by line, if you like.
  12. Start testing your 6009 using Measurement and Automation Explorer” or “MAX” (Has a blue and yellow icon) is a good idea. It should also install with the CD/DVD that came with your 6009. Under "My system" and "Devices and Interface" you should be able to see your 6009.
  13. Thanks Mellroth. I tested this but very strangely only on graph and two button control was possible to change the order on. I have two numerics and two string controls and on these it seems impossible change the tabbing order (which goes from the last to the second..). All these are on tab-control. Has any of you experienced to thing similar?
  14. I guess a fairly simple question but for and my customer important issue. What determines which control that are visited next when a user use tab to move to next control?
  15. I prefer tab separated text files less problems, since comma is used in many European countries as decimal sign and not period as in the US.
  16. Which labview version are you using for this? I have a weak memory that the db-toolkit had some problem memory leaks.
  17. In fact it is the fossil technology that is subsidised in US and that the green solution would have greater economy if the subsides for the old was not there (Sorry do not have a link on this but read a good article on it recently). Good solutions in waste management combines several waste bins on the same truck, it has been in use in Europe for +20 years or so and is profitable. You need to look at how much energy has gone in to make the plastic or the metals and compare what different scenarios for end life will be and processes needed. The approach to compare different system approaches include the use of life cycle assessment (LCA). Also separating different waste raises the possibility for getting a higher yield of the different fractions to a low cost. Regarding a Energy plan for US I recommend this TED-video Amory Lovins: A 50-year plan for energy
  18. NIs USB to COM adapters are well worth the price, the quality is excellent. Never had any problems with them.
  19. Do these 800 filters cluster together in some way? I that case select filters in each cluster and run a common experiment design for all cluster? You can use 0 and 1 as a variable in which cluster they are in, A good software for experimental design will be useful.
  20. Do you have some physical model for your filters? Models that are affected by your four variables? Are the 11 outputs a combination of other inputs? Design of experiments is surely a good idea here for instance a ccf design http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_composite_design
  21. I would test to use TCP-optimizer to tweak the Win7 network settings. I have experienced some improvements by tweaking those. There are lots of examples on to improve networking on vista and w7. TCP-optimizer can be downloaded here: http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php
  22. Have you tested to make any examples first? Examples where they use C# or VB. I supect that BAC-reference should come from some already used component, before your where your error is seen.
  23. Have you checked out this http://digital.ni.co...625722800710865
  24. Sjukheter you will need to format the string you get from read and connect the correct outputs to the indicators. Furthermore, should it not be a index-array on leftside where char codes are? Surely you have some documentation about the message you will receive? I think handling the serial write and read in one loop and the actual decomposition of the string in another is good idea. Look at Producer / Consumer design pattern.
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