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  1. Hello all, A new version of SAPHIR probes is available! New features are : - Support for LabVIEW RT - History probe for Enums - History probe for Errors - String size indicator in the history probe for Strings - And some minor modifications You can view these new features in this video : http://youtu.be/_JzvS4r6yiw. And you can install or update your toolkit via VIPM : vipm://saphir_lib_vibox_probes, or by downloading it there : http://www.saphir.fr/ftp/telechargements/saphir_lib_vibox_probes- Regards, Mathilde
  2. Because there may be several hours of discontinuity, for just few seconds of interesting signal, and my customer don't want to see these "black" zones. He wants to see at a glance all the interesting zones.
  3. Hi I' d like to display an intensity graph with a non linear and non regular X-scale, in other words an X-scale with time dicontinuities (see image in attachment). I have a solution by adding a slide above the X-scale, but as I have to manage cursors, is' not very easy. I'd like to know if someone has a better solution... Thanks in advance Mathilde
  4. Cross posted from : http://forums.ni.com...ht/true#M702675 Hi I have a memory leak on my application. By observing with the "Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit", the Power Spectrum function (from NI_AALPro.lvlib) seems to have two "Reference leak". The first one refers to the function "Open VI reference"; I got around this problem by replacing the "Open VI reference" by an "Initialize" input boolean, but I don't understand the second memory leak. Any idea ? Thanks... (See attachments : Desktop Execution Trace + code) LV8.6.1 + Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit 2009 Same problem with LV2012 + Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit 2012 MemoryLeakPowerSpectrum.zip
  5. This window can be called by a CIN code, by using the function DbgPrintf("Value to debug : %d", value); Is is very useful to debug CIN functions. It is defined in the /LabVIEW folder/cintools/extcode.h
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