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How can I request an input of data from a deployed web service via a html

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Hi all, I am currently having trouble with a web service. I want a client to be able to input a numerical value for a control in a deployed VI.

At present i have one main vi that generates a signal and i've collected waveform data and displayed this data on a a chart. The web service uses a static folder containing html and javascript files. The html file calls the js file which parses the waveform data and returns to html to be stored as a chart_div. I have all the controls and indicators in one VI, connected by terminals using GET method.

I am looking for a way of scripting a request form so that when called by the html file, the client user can input a control and change the values on the waveform graph. I also have an update button that requests updated data. 

If anyone could suggest a method of how to accomplish this it would be SO helpful


Thanks, Chris

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