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  1. Hi all, I am currently having trouble with a web service. I want a client to be able to input a numerical value for a control in a deployed VI. At present i have one main vi that generates a signal and i've collected waveform data and displayed this data on a a chart. The web service uses a static folder containing html and javascript files. The html file calls the js file which parses the waveform data and returns to html to be stored as a chart_div. I have all the controls and indicators in one VI, connected by terminals using GET method. I am looking for a way of scripting a request form
  2. I solved it sorry, it was a problem with the destination of the file, Thanks for the reply
  3. Hi guys, just wondering if it is possible to publish a web service with a control and simulation loop in the vi. I have a simulation loop and an output of an array and matrix of data from a signal, yet i can't seem to be able to deploy the vi at all. It will build but not deploy. Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi, I am trying to tabulate data into a form such that i can display data points from a signal into an array that ultimately can be displayed graphically in a restful web service. Iv'e been able to simulate data via a waveform indicator using a simple simulate signal vi, but i can't seem to find a solution anywhere that will allow me to extract and display points from a signal from within a simulation loop. I've tried using the indexer funtion which seems to be limited and using the collector funtion which I am struggling to get to grips with. If anyone could help me find a solution or give
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