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VIPM 2013 for Intel-Based Macs

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JKI will be releasing VIPM 2013 for the Mac soon.


If you want to try a preview release, you can download it here:




It supports Package configurations, building, repositories and The LabVIEW Tools Network. All the same cool stuff that the Windows version has. The power of LabVIEW allowed us to use the same code base for both Windows and Mac versions which was pretty awesome.


Let us know if you have any issues.

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First bit of feedback after 1 hour. I'll start using the package builder soon.



While VIPM is installing packages, the mouse pointer is busy only when above the top button bar and the status bar but not when above the main part (multicolumn listbox), only above the abort button should it not be busy, no?
VIPM lets me install the JKI_lib_rcf_... plugins but won’t install the RCF, of course the RCF isn’t mac compatible, does that mean VIPM lets the user install a package that has a non-installable package in its dependencies?
I was going to say that RCF plugins should always be set as “Windows only” but in fact no! A RCF Plugin can be not “Windows only”, the limitation is in the RCF itself, if this RCF limitations goes away, without any change a RCF Plugin would work. So what to do then?
In general I think most people don’t bother event thinking about the mac plateform when they build their packages, so I think by default a package should be “current OS” only and if the user *thinks* his package is compatible with other OSes it should be a manual task that needs to be done for each package.
In the package information window the mouse wheel doesn’t control the vertical scrollbar, it works in the main VIPM window.
In the main VIPM window the “two fingers” vertical slide on the trackpad (laptop) controls the vertical scroll but it doesn’t control the horizontal scroll.
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