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Why doesn't QuickDrop call my function?

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Hi guys,


I have done a function that would work with the QuickDrop window. The funcion has to be a plugin. The problem is that even though on the ShortCut list of the QuickDrop window the function apears the window doesn't call the function. I tell this because I set a break point into the function and the code doesn't stop and do nothing!


I have tested the function calling it from an external VI and it seems working well.


Is there to set a special property on the VI to let it to work with the QD?

Ok... It is resolved... It was enough to close and open labview again!!!!!

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To add to this, when a quick drop function runs, it runs in a different application instance.  This may make debugging slightly more difficult.  Once you get a break point to trigger you don't really need to worry about it but I'm guessing what the issue was is that you set a break point, but it was for the main application instance, and hasn't been resaved, so when the quick drop ran the break point wasn't called in the new application instance.

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