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CLA Summit 7x7 lightning round, (Win niweek conference pass!)


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We have some of the greatest jobs in the world! Not only do we get to tackle tough engineering challenges and make the world a better place, but we get to do it by drawing pictures in LabVIEW, fun!  At the next CLA Summit, we want to celebrate your accomplishments.


You're invited to take part in a friendly competition we're calling 7x7.  In 60 minutes we want to hear up to 7 stories about how you're making the world a better place, the coolest technical challenges you have solved, the killer app, or the coolest feature you've created in LabVIEW.  Here's the thing, you're limited to 1 minute of setup, 5 minutes of presentation, and 1 minute of tear down.  If you go beyond the 6 minute mark (1 + 5), we will pull the plug on you. So be sure to practice giving the presentation in the allotted time frame.


The format of the presentation is open: powerpoint, video, demo, soap box, you choose... At the end of all the presentations, the audience will vote on their favorite presentation.  Voting is completely arbitrary, no scoring criteria will be provided, and each member of the audience will get one vote.  The winner will receive a free pass to NI Week! (thank you NI!)


Anyone wishing to enter the competition should submit a 1 slide abstract of their presentation to nate@themoehrings.com and michael.aivaliotis@jki.net by Jan 22nd, 2014.  If we have more than 7 submissions for this friendly competition, Michael and I will evaluate the submissions and select the 7 that we feel are the highest caliber.  We'll notify you of your selection status by Jan 29th.  Participating in this competition does not preclude you from also giving a full presentation at the CLA Summit.


We hope that this will be a fun and motivational experience for the CLA Community, and that it will stimulate dozens of conversations during and after the CLA Summit.


If you would like to post comments or questions, please post them to https://decibel.ni.com/content/message/64060#64060


Happy New Year!

Nate and Michael

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You still have time to enter the 7x7 lightning round competition and win a free pass to NI Week! This is your chance to show off some of the really cool projects you've worked on. Presentation can be high level or low level, no need to show code or anything prioprietary. We just want to be inspired by the cool stuff you've done!


Email us if interested: nate@themoehrings.com and michael.aivaliotis@jki.net

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