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What is the power of the LabView script?


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I'm novice...  :wacko:

Can you tell me what is  the language used to write in script the LabView graphical language?

Can I code all of my programs whith it, like a real program in LV?

Thanks for your help. :thumbup:


Your question is very unclear. LabVIEW itself is written in standard C and most new functionality since LabVIEW 6.0 has been written in C++. Other than that certain paradigmas are similar to how they are in C, there is no direct relation between the C programming in which LabVIEW is developed and the LabVIEW programming language you are using as a LabVIEW user.

If you refer to the scripting features which are not yet officially released but discussed quite a lot here, that is not a language in itself and the term scripting is IMO rather misleading here. It is an interface exposed through VI server which gives the user access to the internal LabVIEW object hierachy. As such it gives a possible user quite some possibilities but the LabVIEW object hierarchy is very involved and nested and programming through this "scripting"interface gets very fast messy and involved. This is probably one of the main reasons the scripting feature hasn't been released to the public (and one of the first complains of most people trying to get into that scripting).

Rolf Kalbermatter

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