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Can the VI Recovery Dialog Be Suppressed?

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I have an automated build server (Jenkins) that uses the LabVIEW IDE to build my code every time I commit it into SVN.

This works well most of the time but every so often it gets stuck on start-up of LabVIEW because the recovery dialog pops up and waits for user input.

Is there a way this can be suppressed?


I was wondering if starting the automated build version with a separate INI file would solve this problem. Any ideas?



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Haven't tried this, just a guess. Recovery files are stored at DocumentsLabVIEW DataLVAutoSave (by default). I believe if there are no files there, you won't see a recovery dialog, so you could add a batch file that clears that directory before launching LabVIEW, and run that batch file instead of running LabVIEW directly in the automated build.

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