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Is it possible to have the default palette format be Icons, but have the right click menu be Category (Icons and Text)?

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I generally have my palettes set up like so: for the front panel, a single palette generally kept in the Modern category, and for the block diagram, one palette for Numeric and a second palette for whatever category I tend to be using the most at the moment. All three are in Icons view. Now sometimes these palettes switch to Category (Icons and Text) on their own, usually when switching between writing normal VI's and RT/FPGA VI's. It's also a minor pain to put them back and set them all back to Icons every time the palettes are automatically closed, like when I install a VIPM package. However, if I set the default palette style to Icons (which I assume will fix this) the right-click menu becomes less useful, as it doesn't have the Programming category open by default with the others on the bottom. Is there a way I can tell LabVIEW that I generally prefer palettes in Icons view, but to use "Category (Icons and Text)" when and only when I open the right-click menu?

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I'll be the voice of Darren, just use quick drop and only use the palette for things you aren't familiar with.  That being said I've never heard of a way to have different views for pinned versus right click palettes. 

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