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Blog post offers formal definition of "elegance" for code

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There is a lot that is interesting about the following blog post, but most notable for me is the formal definition of "elegant code". 



We've all seen elegant code. We know it when we see it, but stating precisely why this code is elegant and that code is not is quite hard sometimes. The definition is offered just past the halfway point of the blog post, in the paragraph that starts "This process of hierarchical decomposition and recomposition is not..."


Side note... the blog post concludes with a set of challenges for you to implement in "your favorite programming language." If you've ever heard me or a few others complain about a lack of basic functional concepts in LabVIEW, just try implementing the challenges, even just as a thought experiment. Your results will be a long way from elegant. Someday, we'll fix this about LabVIEW. Someday. *sigh*

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