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UDP between two computers on same subnet Win7

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I have two programs written in LabVIEW that share data via UDP. The data is being shared successfully when they are both running on the same computer, but not when separated.

Some facts:

  • This has worked in the past on different systems
  • Both computers are on the same subnet
  • Both computers are Win7SP1 Pro with the firewall and virus scanner off
  • The computers are connected together with a TP Link TL-SG108 switch with no other computers connected
  • I don't receive a valid response from ping between the two computers
  • I like donuts

Any clues would be appreciated.


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  • I don't receive a valid response from ping between the two computers


That means the computers aren't connected properly. You must get pinging to work first. Without this basic step, UDP definitely won't work.


What are the IP addresses and subnet masks of your two computers?

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