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Platform independent way from G code to highlight a file on disk?

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I'm looking for a G VI or sequence of VIs that I can use to highlight a file in the OS environment that works on all platforms. I've got mechanisms for opening a window for the directory -- that works fine. But I can't find any way to actually highlight a specific file within the directory. Any ideas?


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I prefer the windows shell function to the command line call myself, but Windows is easy either way.


Linux is simple, once you know the default file browser (Nautilus, Dolphin, ....).  This is easily found by querying xdg-mime.  Then it is a simple system exec call to launch the file browser.  


Mac requires Applescript.  Simply use system exec and the osascript command to tell Finder to select the file.  In LV14 you may even be able to skip system exec and use the call Applescript function.

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